Diggin’ It !

By February 28, 2009Uncategorized

The rain gave us yet another break as we tackled buried blackberry roots on the far side of Roy’s Pools. Lively discussions and jokes filled the air as our valued volunteers dug deep and removed tons of blackberry roots. The beautiful boulders that just weeks ago were completely obscured by rampant blackberry are now a sheltering wall for new plantings. Buckeye, hazelnut, coffeeberry, and coyote brush all went into the ground, flanked by the lovely Yerba Buena (meaning ‘good herb’) which will provide spreading, sweet-smelling ground cover and erosion control. Its still amazing to me how quickly a small group of dedicated individuals can transform a big patch of dirt into a gorgeous bed of beautiful natives. Many compliments from the passing golfers (and no incoming golf balls) made for a rewarding day. Back again next Saturday, March 7th to continue planting and beautifying this superb piece of riparian habitat.