’s Operation Safe Seafood seeks volunteers

By August 2, 2010Got Mercury? is seeking volunteers to help expose toxic mercury in seafood

Are you worried about the dangers of mercury lurking in your grocery store seafood?

Do you believe the government continues to fail to protect the public from mercury in seafood?

Do you want to make a difference in your community and help uncover toxic levels of mercury in fish commonly found in supermarkets?

If this sounds like you, has the perfect volunteer opportunity for you.

We are seeking people willing to buy small samples of fresh swordfish and tuna from their local stores and ship them to a laboratory that will analyze the samples for their mercury content. staff will provide direction and support throughout the entire process.  Once the samples are analyzed, will share the results with you and work towards getting the word out to your local media about how much mercury is hiding in the seafood in your area.

You have a right to know about high-mercury fish being sold in your supermarkets without any warning labels of the potential hazards that could be making their way to your dinner table and your children’s lunch boxes.

Help expose the high levels of mercury being sold to unsuspecting people.

If you are interested or have any questions about this volunteer opportunity, please contact Buffy Martin Tarbox, Campaign Coordinator at 415-663-8590 x106 or