The Hawaii Senate has proposed a landmark bill to make capturing, entangling, abusing or killing any shark or ray in Hawaiian waters illegal. Nearly 100 million sharks are killed globally each year and 28% of shark species are at risk of extinction.

We have a chance to secure comprehensive protections for ALL sharks and rays in Hawaiian waters. But we must act now to show support for this important legislation.

If you are a resident of Hawaii:

Email your state senator and urge them to support SB489 to guarantee protections for sharks and rays.

This one email from you can make a significant difference for these creatures that are utterly crucial to marine ecosystems and have been around for hundreds of millions of years.

If you are not a resident of Hawaii:

You can still take action and be persuasive by submitting testimony online when hearings are scheduled. Register here to be notified of upcoming hearings for SB489 and submit online testimony with ease. Be sure to tell HI lawmakers that protection of sharks and rays is important to folks all around the world. If you’ve vacationed in HI or plan to visit, stress that a main draw to the islands is ocean recreation and tourism surrounding awe-inspiring sharks and rays.

Honolulu decision makers received hundreds of support letters and phone calls from around the country, mobilizing activists and inspiring the bill to gain steam. SB489 would be the first of its kind in the USA and set precedent for similar, comprehensive legislation in other states.

Shark “finning,” the brutal technique of cutting the fin off of a shark and throwing the animal back in the water to bleed to death, was banned in Hawaii in 2010. Sadly, the barbaric practice continues on the black market. “Big game” nighttime excursions target sharks off the coast of Oahu and other islands. These hunting practices target sharks ruthlessly and indiscriminately.

If you’re a resident of Hawaii, please email your state senator today and urge them to vigorously support SB489 and stand up for sharks and rays. No matter where you live, you can sign up to receive notifications for submitting online testimony before the next bill hearing.

Unless we demand legislation to protect these magnificent creatures, many shark and ray species will go extinct in our lifetimes.