KQED’s Quest Radio Explores Sources of Mercury Pollution and Seafood

By April 24, 2008Got Mercury?

The Seafood Industry has waged a legal battle against Prop 65 labeling advisories to alert consumers about potentially harmful Mercury in Seafood, citing Mercury as naturally occurring in our ocean’s waters. But how naturally did the abundance of Mercury enter our waterways and food supply? Part One of KQED Quest explores the local Mercury Mining history, which exceeded gold production, and resulted in extensive mining waste being discharged into our waterways, the bay, and the ocean. Part Two airs Monday, April 28th, on KQED FM 88.5 and KQEI FM 89.3 6:30am and repeats at 8:30am. Whether fishing from the bay or purchasing commercial seafood at your local market, the health risks from consuming elevated levels of Mercury remain the same.