Larson Creek Beautification and Restoration

By March 10, 2011Uncategorized

On March 10 and 11, 2011, SPAWN and kids from kindergarten to 6th grade planted natives at the site cleared last year at the Lagunitas School and San Geronimo Community Center. The first area is fenced by a beautiful split rail fence installed by SPAWN a few weeks prior and will house a native plant garden designed to attract native bees and butterflies. The kids came out in shifts to dig holes, move mulch, plant, and learn a few things about the riparian corridor and the importance of restoring it.

With the bee and butterfly garden planted, the children began planting in the riparian restoration site right along Larson Creek. Here the kids planted lots of trees to help stabilize the creek banks, prevent erosion and sedimentation, and provide overhanging shad that will help the endangered coho salmon and steelhead grow and flourish! A big thank you to all the parents, teachers, and children for helping on such an important and beautiful project!