Man sues canned tuna company for mercury poisoning

By October 15, 2010Got Mercury?

The New York Post reported on a man who is suing Bumble Bee canned tuna company after becoming ill from elevated mercury blood levels.

From the the New York Post:

“A Westchester man who says he ate 10 cans of tuna a week for nearly two years is suing Bumble Bee Foods for allegedly giving him mercury poisoning.

Lee Porrazzo of White Plains told The Post he and his roommate and workout partner, Roland Muccini, would make regular runs to the local Stop & Shop to load up on cans of tuna fish thinking they were eating healthy.

“There was tuna in my diet every day, just about,” Porrazzo said. “I thought it was the cleanest source of protein.”

But the 48-year-old BMW salesman said he was soon plagued by a mystery malady that gave him chest pains and sent him to the hospital “believing he was having a heart attack,” according to his White Plains federal court suit.”

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