A letter from Turtle Island’s Founder & Executive Director Todd Steiner

Last night’s election results do not bode well for the animals you and I deeply care about, and the environment on which we all depend.

Simply put sea turtles, whales, dolphins, sharks, and salmon are in grave trouble.

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Help us protect sea turtles!

There is only one answer to this threat: You and I need to redouble our commitment to the fight to prevent extinction, fight the climate crisis and offer our youth a vision of a brighter future. We cannot fall into despair. We cannot just hope for the best.

We need to step up to the challenge and take action.

Trump did not run on an environmental platform. We anticipate a concerted attack to undo iconic American laws like the Endangered Species Act and defund critical conservation programs, and the US losing its global environmental leadership status.

The next four years will be a battle to defend the wild.

Know that Turtle Island Restoration Network remains undaunted in our mission to protect sea turtles, whales, salmon and other imperiled species. Responding to seemingly impossible threats is the fabric of what we do.

We forced a recalcitrant Mexico to end its legal sea turtle killing trade. We pressured then-Texas Governor George W. Bush to create a marine swimway for sea turtles. We forced the World Trade Organization to back off its attack on the US Endangered Species Act.

We have the courage to not bend.

Our plan for the next few years is simple:

  • Defend the US laws that protect animals and prevent extinction,
  • Continue our aggressive campaigning to win better protections and fight against extinction,
  • Encourage personal action to reduce threats to ocean animals’ survival, and
  • Carry out effective hands-on conservation to protect sea turtles, sharks, wild salmon and more.

I invite you to join me in standing with the sea turtles.

So please:

Together we are strong.


Todd Steiner
Founder and Executive Director
Turtle Island Restoration Network

P.S. – We pride ourselves on rising to the challenges in our single-minded vision to protect the gentle animals of our oceans and coasts. Please make a donation to Turtle Island today so we can fight even harder for the animals we all care about.