In December, a crew of volunteer divers, marine biologists, scientists, and dive masters joined Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN) on one of the organization’s yearly research expeditions to Cocos Island National Park, located 350 miles off the coast of Costa Rica. During the 10-day trip, expedition participants helped TIRN accomplish a number of important objectives:

  • Download Acoustic Receivers
  • Install Two Additional Acoustic Receivers
  • Acoustic Shark Tagging Underwater on Scuba
  • Capture Sharks for Biopsy Samples and Internal Acoustic Tagging and Satellite Attachment
  • Survey for Sea Turtles at Dive Sites
  • Conduct Transect Surveys
  • Provide Interviews and Footage for Economist Magazine Documentary Film

Details on the above objectives and a list of expedition participants are available in our trip report.

If you are interested in joining our research, email Todd Steiner, trip leader and executive director of TIRN, at