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By June 20, 2012Got Mercury?

Enough is enough.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) continues to fail women and children by allowing seafood with dangerous levels of mercury to be sold in the United States., and the Center for Biological Diversity have banded together and filed a legal petition with the FDA urging them to make seafood safer.

Join us in asking the FDA to lower the legal mercury action level from 1 part per million (ppm) to 0.5 ppm to be in line with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) mercury standards for recreationally caught fish and to require seafood sellers to post mercury in fish warning signs.

Take action to demand the FDA to require more consumer protections from mercury in seafood

Women and children are most at risk for serious health problems resulting from mercury exposure.  The EPA found that the number one source of mercury is through eating seafood.  Mercury ingestion can lead to memory loss, developmental and learning disorders, vision loss, heart disease and, in extreme cases, can result in death.  Despite the health consequences of mercury exposure, the FDA still allows high mercury seafood to be sold without any warning or labels to unsuspecting people.

The FDA mercury-in-fish policies are a threat to human health and have the potential to burden our health care system with costs for mercury illnesses that can easily be prevented. It is time federal food safety officials revise their outdated mercury-in-fish programs to ensure that women and children are better protected.

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