Turtle Island’s Free ‘Got Mercury?’ Calculator Featured by Consumer Reports

By August 21, 2014Got Mercury?

Turtle Island’s Free ‘Got Mercury?’ Calculator Featured by Consumer Reports

Olema, Calif. (August 21, 2014) – Turtle Island Restoration Network, a leading ocean and marine conservation non-profit headquartered in Marin County, Calif., and Consumer Reports are raising public awareness about the amount of mercury in seafood, and alerting consumers to the high mercury content of swordfish and tuna through Turtle Island’s interactive online ‘Got Mercury?’ Calculator.

“Our calculator provides consumers with facts that they can use to make smarter seafood decisions for their health,” said Joanna Nasar of Turtle Island Restoration Network.

Eating seafood high in mercury is hazardous to human health. Consumers can use Turtle Island’s online calculator to make smart seafood choices by entering their body weight and the type and amount of fish they are consuming. Click HERE to access our ‘Got Mercury?’ Calculator.

According to the Consumer Reports story on mercury exposure, “What you find out may surprise you. Just one 6-ounce serving of swordfish would expose a 195-pound adult to more than two and a half times the safety limit for mercury. A 150-pound adult would get about three and half times the limit.”

Click HERE to access our Got Mercury Calculator.
Click HERE to read the Consumer Reports article.