Victory Against Matagorda Ship Channel

By February 17, 2023March 17th, 2023Gulf of Mexico

Environmentalist celebrating victory against the Matagorda Ship Channel were recently highlighted in the Victoria Advocate, including Turtle Island Restoration Network.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers had withdrawn approval to dredge the Matagorda Bay shipping channel through an EPA Superfund site. Additionally, a commitment was made to undergo extensive additional environmental review, including a full Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement . A coalition of Gulf and environmental groups, including Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN), had filed a lawsuit after new information came to light about the anticipated use of the shipping channel and the risks of mercury contamination on sea turtles and other marine life, increased greenhouse gas emissions, and significant impacts on the lives and livelihoods of people working in the fishing industry.

In the article in The Victoria Advocate, TIRN’s own Joanie Steinhaus was included. Concern regarding the safety of sea turtles during the potential widening and deepening of Matagorda Bay was expressed, and Joanie was quoted in the article. To read the article, you can find it on the Victoria Advocate website.