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July 2014

Loggerhead Sea Turtles Win Room to Roam, Habitat Protection

By Sea Turtles

After more than five years of delay, threatened loggerhead sea turtles today won federal protection of critical habitat — 685 miles of beaches from Mississippi to North Carolina and more than 300,000 square miles of ocean — on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Following a 2013 lawsuit by Turtle Island Restoration Network and conservation groups, the federal government designated important nesting beaches and ocean waters off several states as protected areas essential for loggerhead recovery in the largest designation of “critical habitat” ever.

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Suit Filed to Ensure Foreign Fisheries Meet American Standards for Dolphin and Whale Safety

By Marine Mammals & Seabirds

Each year, nearly half of the more than 5 billion pounds of seafood consumed by Americans — including tuna, swordfish, shrimp, cod and other fish — comes from foreign fisheries that have not been shown as meeting U.S. whale and dolphin protection standards. The United States is required to insist on such proof before foreign seafood may lawfully be imported into the United States. A lawsuit filed today by Turtle Island Restoration Network and conservation groups seeks to protect marine mammals by requiring the government to ensure that all imported, wild-caught fish meet U.S. standards.

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