We’ve reached a critical moment to take action for endangered, wild coho salmon and the forests and watersheds they need to survive. But we can’t do it alone. From keeping an eye out for pollution in the environment to using reusable tote bags, there are many actions we can take as individuals to help create a healthy planet for us all. We’ve put together five ways to be salmon-friendly in 2021, to help you get started, but the list could go on and on! If you’re planning on making changes in your life to better the future of coho salmon and other endangered species, we want to hear from you! Share your goals by emailing us at action@seaturtles.org!

1) Have No Excuse for Single Use

Help lead the effort in being environmentally conscious and preventing the pollution of our waterways. We know disposable plastic bags contribute heavily to disrupting the environment. With their long degradation time—it can take hundreds of years—single use plastic bags are hazards to marine wildlife. Using reusable bags helps cut down on pollution and at the same time, you can look good while doing it. Our salmon tote bag is a smart-looking choice for a smart decision to help be environmentally friendly. We have stainless steel straw kits, too!

2) Adopt a Coho Salmon Redd

Marin County’s Lagunitas Creek Watershed has been identified as the most important spawning and rearing habitat left in California for endangered coho salmon, yet critical habitat is disappearing from residential and commercial development. You can help us ensure redds (coho salmon nests) are safe and juvenile salmon have access to clean, slow-moving water with plenty of nourishing food as they grow into adults by adopting a coho salmon redd! In addition to joining the fight against extinction, you’ll receive a personalized adoption certificate and other materials about endangered coho salmon. Adoptions have the option to be sent as a gift to a honoree.

3) Know What’s Going On

The conservation world can be a fast-paced place, with new developments occurring everyday. From reporting the first sights of salmon spawning to mobilizing our community to save tule elk, we are committed to keeping our community informed on issues that directly impact the protection of endangered species and their critical habitat.  Keep on top of the latest news and stay in the know on our critical campaigns by joining our network. You can also follow us on social media! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram

4) Show You Care

Display your support! Let people know that you care for the environment and make it known you want to protect endangered coho salmon and the forests and watersheds that sustain them. The salmon tees, totes and hats in our online store are a great way to support us and our mission at the same time by rocking some of our gear!  In addition to directly supporting our species-saving campaigns, every item in our store is carefully selected to adhere to eco-conscious standards. 

5) Clean Up, Get Out and About

Our vital waterways and marine environments are being inundated with litter. Every effort in cleaning the environment helps. Not only is picking up trash along creeks and beaches good for the planet, it’s good for you too. During this pandemic, it’s a safe outdoor activity to participate in and gives you a chance to get some fresh air! Keep an eye out for trash, plastic, and other marine debris when you are on the beach or hiking in nature and dispose of any waste you find responsibly.