BP Beach Cleanup Crews Remove Oil and Add New Sand to Grand Isle Beaches

By July 9, 2010Sea Turtles

BP cleanup crews are working east of Grand Isle, Louisiana, to remove oil and oiled sand from south facing beaches. Four outposts of shade tents with workers dotted this beach and crews were actively cleaning an area almost half a mile long. Piles of new sand were ready for crews who typically cover the cleaned area with non-oiled sand as a final step in the process.

Our Sea Turtle Action Team, consisting of Dr. J Nichols, Dr. Chris Pincetich, local photographer Jerry Moran, and Red Bridge Productions spotted several pods of bottle nose dolphins and over 10 species of birds, and did not observe any sea turtles. Our local guide was shocked at the lack of wildlife we encountered in over 100 square miles of surveys throughout the back bays north and east of Grand Isle.

The ocean water is impregnated with dispersed oil, and our team took a unique video showing the red-brown colors of weathered oil dominating the water under the surface. To see the underwater video, visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ybAG7G…