We teamed up with Surfrider Galveston to create Bring the Bag, which will help the City of Galveston work towards the reduction and elimination of single-use plastic bags in order to create a safer, healthier, and cleaner environment.

One person uses 500 plastic bags per year, and these bags can enter our waterways, oceans and litter our beaches. Sea turtles often confuse plastic bags for jellyfish and can be harmed or even killed by plastic bag litter.

The good news is that you can join the Bring the Bag campaign today by simply making a commitment to bring reusuable grocery bags when shopping, and stop the wasteful cycle of single use plastic bags!

Join the Campaign


Federal Government Agrees to Protect Green Sea Turtle Habitat

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For Immediate Release, August 20, 2020 Contact: Jaclyn Lopez, Center for Biological Diversity, (727) 490-9190, jlopez@biologicaldiversity.org Annalisa Tuel, Turtle Island Restoration Network, (408) 621-8113, ATuel@seaturtles.org Richard Whitecloud, Sea Turtle Oversight…

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Plastics in the Time of Coronavirus

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