We get this question very often and the best answer is, slowly at first. We tend to redwoods in our nursery for three to four years before we place them into the ground. Once they are in the ground we continue to water for a minimum of three years.


These redwoods were seeded in December 2015


This redwood was seeded in February of 2014


This redwood was seeded November 2013










Adopting a redwood is an investment into years of love and care. Once planted into the ground, these redwoods should spring to be over 20 feet tall by 2025! Imagine all that carbon storage, as coast redwoods can grow 2 – 6.5 feet per year.

Save the Redwoods League has recently released studies that show redwood growth rates have increased in the past century,

“It turns out that changing environmental conditions borne from climate change, while detrimental to many species and ecosystems, have in fact created the ideal growing conditions for redwood forests.” (Article) 

Research shows that as long as they have access to water redwoods are surging throughout California. Perhaps, this makes it the best time to be restoring the species historic range.

To learn more about how to support our 10,000 Redwoods Project check out our website: www.10000redwoods.org