Mercury rises on 90210 in more ways than one

By April 30, 2009Sea Turtles

As the young and old residents of television’s favorite – and recently revived – zip code 90210 heated up the screen in last night’s episode with their relationship dramas, the topic of mercury poisoning made a surprise appearance.  In between complaining about her dad’s dubious antics, her on again off again pseudo boyfriend,  and the sudden appearance of her big sis, bad girl Naomi protested to her friend’s mom she was going to get mercury poisoning from all the fish she was feeding her. When an issue finally “makes it” in the world of Hollywood and gets an appearance on one of its hottest television shows you know millions of viewers will be getting the message. Let’s hope we see this serious public health concern continue to make it on the big screen in the future to help spread the word of the risk for mercury toxicity from consuming too much of the wrong seafood.