Since our start, we’ve helped win protections for a record number of endangered sharks and ray species across the globe, providing crucial research to promote greater protections for these endangered marine species.

Our Campaigns

Hammerhead Shark Photo ID Project

May 30, 2018

Ban California Driftnets

May 24, 2018

End Longline Overfishing

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Create the Cocos-Galapagos Swimway

May 23, 2018

Take Action for Sharks!

March 15, 2023

Stop the Willow and Call

September 20, 2022

Action: Bureau of Energy Management 5 Year Lease Plan

August 31, 2022

End Chronic Water Pollution in Point Reyes National Seashore

Latest News

Taking Action to Protect the Sharks of Costa Rica

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The following letter was sent to the Congresspeople on Costa Rica's Environmental Commission. 20 September 2023 Environment Commission Costa Rican Congress RE: Bill N° 21.754 Honorable Congressperson, Turtle Island Restoration…

Whale Sharks Undergo Ultrasound for First Time

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The Galápagos Islands were host to a special event recently, as highlighted in Forbes. Whale sharks arrived and underwent ultrasounds for the first time! 22 female whale sharks were assessed…

Study Highlights Excessive Mercury Levels in Shark Products

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A recent study of shark meat and fins being sold highlighted the dangers that come with the practice and consumption of these products. A team of scientists from the United…

New Marine Reserve Will Protect Highly Migratory and Endangered Species in Galapagos

| Cocos-Galapagos Swimway, Eastern Tropical Pacific, News Releases, Sea Turtles, Sharks | No Comments
For Immediate Release: January 14, 2022 Contacts: Todd M. Steiner, (415) 488-7652, Ecuador – Ecuador will have a new marine reserve to increase the protection of marine endangered species…

‘New York Times’ Ad Urges Costa Rica and Ecuador Presidents to Protect Endangered Sharks and Sea Turtles by Creating the Cocos-Galapagos Swimway

| Cocos-Galapagos Swimway, News Releases, Sea Turtles, Sharks | No Comments
Leer en español. For Immediate Release, September 10, 2021 Contact: Mariano Castro, Turtle Island Restoration Network,  'New York Times' Ad Urges Costa Rica and Ecuador Presidents to Protect Endangered…

Sri Lankan Nonprofit Awarded Funding to Protect Sharks

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For Immediate Release, August 31, 2021 Contacts: Elizabeth Purcell, Turtle Island Restoration Network, Gayathra Bandara, Earthlanka, Sudarsha De Silva, Earthlanka,  Sri Lankan Nonprofit Awarded Funding to Protect…

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