Share your sea turtle encounters here!

By April 30, 2008Sea Turtles

Seems that many people I meet, whether at a conference, on a hike, on a sunset cruise or a random encounter, have had a sea turtle experience. I just returned from an environmental health conference where one of the organizers told me she was swimming in La Jolla (near San Diego) when two sea turtles suddenly appeared: one small and one large. It was surprising since she had never seen them in all of her years of swimming there. They could have been greens, loggerheads or maybe even an olive ridley?

On our recent sunset cruise on the Adventure Cat, Captain Hans said he’s spotted the rare leatherback once or twice outside the Golden Gate. And an Australian woman on board that night was a sea turtle lover whose goal is to visit every sea turtle nesting site in the world!

Other friends and acquaintenances have told me of seeing green turtles in Hawaii.

I’ve seen Kemp’s ridleys in the hatcheries in Galveston and a loggerhead (I think) from off a shrimping dock in Georgia.

The sea turtle bring us together in surprising and mystical ways. Please share your sea turtle tales by going to the comment section of this blog and telling us your story!