Recently I have received personal Thank You letters from children and invitations to speak or write about the BP spill, but while the support is greatly appreciated it barely buoys my heavy heart that still feels the deep pain and suffering of thousands of sea turtles, sea birds, marine mammals, and the wonderful people in the Gulf coast communities that were impacted by the BP oil spill. We are now six months from the horrific explosion that triggered the massive gusher of crude oil. Even more troubling is thinking of how 5 months ago the Gulf was covered in fresh, toxic oil and the public had no idea of the true extent of the amount of oil spewing into the homes of 5 species of sea turtles. BP’s “controlled burns” started at the beginning of May, and it was not until June 11 that a fisherman was brave enough to share with the world his firsthand account of sea turtles that BP allowed to be dragged into the burn zones alive.

Six months have passed, but that is only a fraction of the time we expect to be monitoring the oil spill’s effects on sea turtles, seafood safety, and the long-term impacts of the BP spill. In a recent interview on KPFA’s award winning radio show Flashpoints with Denis Bernstein, I shared my concerns about the current conditions, the need for more transparent science, and how the Sea Turtle Restoration Project wants conditions in the Gulf to change in order to assist sea turtle recovery and restoration.

To listen to the radio interview, which includes gripping accounts from Louisiana residents and fishermen, click here.

To download and read out latest report outlining steps needed to assist sea turtle recovery and habitat restoration, click here.

All the support and appreciation shared to date has been tremendous, and I want to extend a huge amount of gratitude to all those that have written in, called, or sent donations to the Sea Turtle Restoration Project over the last month. Thank You!