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  • Please read our Cocos Refund Policy.
  • Please fill out this TIRN Dive Researcher Profile form for every participant in your party. (You may also print this document and return to vera@tirn.net or fax to 415-663-9534 if you prefer).
  • Please also fill out this TIRN Diver liability release form, and return to vera@tirn.net or fax to 415-663-9534.
  • Please read our Cocos Island Diver Preparation Document, with everything you need to know to plan a smooth trip for your arrival in Costa Rica, your transportation to Puntarenas, a general itinerary for your days aboard the Argo (your luxury yacht work ship for the expedition), your return to San José, and much more.
  • Our Cocos Island Research Brief gives you information about the scientific importance of this journey, as well as an idea of what to expect specifically when interacting with the marine wildlife.