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Volunteers Build New Tables for SPAWN’s Native Plant Nursery

SPAWN volunteers Al Lubow and Mel Wright custom-built 12 new tables for our native plant nursery.

SPAWN would like to send a big thank you to volunteers Al Lubow and Mel Wright for all of the hard work they have put into building 12 new tables for our native plant nursery!

We are currently in the process of making upgrades to the nursery in order to follow best management practices for prevention of pathogens. One guideline, suggested for the improvement of sanitation in nurseries, is to keep plants raised three feet from the ground. Our new, custom-made tables will help us meet this guideline.

The tables also contain built-in protection against rodents! Our innovative table designer Al Lubow ingeniously attached sheet-metal to the legs of the tables and to help deter our resident rodents from climbing the tables to eat seedlings. The tables were built within a matter of weeks and we are so grateful to have them.