Turtle Island was launched by a dedicated and talented team of volunteers working together to save sea turtles. Today, volunteers continue to be an essential ingredient to the success of Turtle Island. Join us and be an environmental volunteer.


EVERY FRIDAY- Join us to work in our native plant nursery from 10am to 2pm at the main office site 9255 Sir Francis Drake Blvd, Olema, CA. Email Preston@tirn.net for more information.

EVERY SATURDAY- Join us in habitat restoration in the Lagunitas Watershed from 10am to 2pm. Email Preston@tirn.net for information on weekly locations.

Do you have talents and skills to spare?

Volunteer with Turtle Island and use your skills to protect marine wildlife, wild oceans and our backyard rivers and streams!   Together we can save our blue-green planet!

Volunteer Opportunities (Olema, California Headquarters)

  • Native plant nursery volunteers help collect and sow seeds, propagate seedlings and maintain plants.
  • Habitat restoration volunteers help plant native plants, remove invasive plants and assist with erosion control within the watershed.
  • Salmon monitoring volunteers assist biologists with collecting data on spawning and juvenile salmon.
  • Administrative volunteers help keep the organization going by entering data, opening mail, answering phones and helping with general office duties.
  • Social media volunteers help spread the word about Turtle Island’s work online through blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other platforms. (You can do this from home).
  • Lawyer volunteers assist on with legal proceedings.
  • Outreach volunteers attend events and educate the public, locate outreach opportunities, distribute literature and give school presentations.
  • Graphic artist volunteers work closely with our communications and development departments to create images for campaigns.
  • Handy-person volunteers build tables for our plant nursery, sharpen tools, repair garage doors, paint offices and lend a hand with projects.
  • Teacher volunteers activate their students, advise us on messaging to their colleagues and help create curriculum.
  • Bi-lingual Spanish-English volunteers to help with translations of scientific papers, outreach materials and more!
  • Join an expedition to tag turtles and sharks at Cocos Island, Costa Rica.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an environmental volunteer. We look forward to meeting you! For information about residential internships offered, click here. For more information about volunteering with Turtle Island, contact us at volunteer@seaturtles.org.

Gulf of Mexico Volunteer Opportunities (Galveston, Texas)

We need sea turtle volunteers! Read The Houston Chronicle article highlighting our efforts to keep sea turtle nest patrols on the beaches of the Upper Texas Coast. If you can help, please contact Joanie at joanie@seaturtles.org.

Internship Opportunities

For more information about internships please click here.