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January 2015

United Nations, Environmental Groups Condemn Verdict in Jairo Mora Murder Case

By | Gulf Education & Outreach, Sea Turtles

“We are outraged that nearly two years later, there has been no justice for the brutal murder of Jairo,” said Todd Steiner, executive director of Turtle Island Restoration Network, which offered up part of a $10,000 reward for information on the case. “We call on the Costa Rican government to appeal the decision and find a way to convict the criminals of this heinous crime, or locate and convict those responsible. Failure to do so can have serious consequences for conservation and eco-tourism in this nation that has built its reputation on its peace with nature, safety of visitors and respect for the rule of law.”

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Winter San Geronimo Valley Coho Salmon Report

By | Gulf Education & Outreach

This winter SPAWN found native endangered coho salmon in Woodacre and Arroyo Creeks. These are two of the eight tributaries of the Lagunitas Creek that SPAWN and a team dedicated volunteers survey each season. This season two redds (coho salmon nests made underwater) and six fish were found on Woodacre Creek, and another four redds and seven fish were found on Arroyo Creek.

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Not Guilty Verdict in Murder of Costa Rican Sea Turtle Conservationist Jairo Mora Provokes International Outrage

By | Cocos Island Research Expedition, Got Mercury?, Gulf Education & Outreach, Marine Mammals & Seabirds, Resources for the Media, Sea Turtles, Sharks

Jairo’s brutal murder was an assault on those who protect endangered wildlife around the world. Justice for Mora is crucial to keeping wildlife and its defenders safe in Costa Rica, and won’t rest until justice is served.

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Super PAC created to boost Bobby Jindal presidential bid

By | Gulf Education & Outreach, Sea Turtles

Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana has scoffed at the Endangered Species Act
regulations to save endangered sea turtles in its state waters for years.
Now, he wants to run for president! What other federal laws would he ignore
if he became president? Now is the time for Governor Jindal to show the
country that he respects a law that was passed by Congress over 25 years ago
and is honored by all other coastal states! Should he run for president if
his own state is breaking a federal law?

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Marin Voice: Saving West Marin’s coho salmon by restoring habitat and buying homes

By | Uncategorized

Coho salmon are an incredibly unique species. They begin their lives in California’s freshwater streams, mature in the Pacific Ocean, and then return to their natal creeks to spawn and finally die. They once flooded streams and sent fishers home with millions of fish each season, but today California’s streams no longer support these iconic wild fish. Learn more about C-SALT.

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Pregnant Whale Sharks Use Galapagos as Pit Stop

By | Gulf Education & Outreach, Marine Mammals & Seabirds

A new study in the Journals of PLOS aims to unravel some of the mystery surrounding the largest fish in the sea – the whale shark. The study, led by collaborating scientist David Acuña of the Charles Darwin Foundation and co-authored by Alex Hearn of Turtle Island Restoration Network, discovered that more whale sharks than previously suspected use Darwin Island (one of the smallest islands in the Galapagos Archipelago) as a rest stop in their migration route.

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