Welcome to the *NEW* 2020 Sea Turtle Patrol Resource Page!

Please bookmark this page as it will be updated throughout the season with new information.

The Upper Texas Coast Sea Turtle Nest Patrols are organized by Turtle Island Restoration Network and Texas A&M University at Galveston. Sea turtle nesting season runs from April 1st through July 15th and volunteers are expected to patrol one shift a week for the entire season. We have space for volunteers that would like to be on a weekly shift as well as a substitute list so please contact Theresa (theresa@seaturtles.org) for more information. The 12 routes are located on Bolivar Peninsula (UTV), Galveston Island (UTV/walking) and Follet’s Island (UTV/walking) and more information on each of them can be found below:

UTV routes are walking routes until June 1! Please check your email and review Adapted UTV Routes below. Click here for Patrol Routes & Calendars

For new volunteers: Please click “Read more” to check the calendars on each route page for OPEN shifts and contact Theresa (theresa@seaturtles.org) to ensure that your schedule will allow coverage of a shift for the entire nesting season before signing up for training.

Training is required for all volunteers, returning included, as we are working towards conservation of a critically endangered federally protected animal. Thank you for understanding and we cannot wait to see you at a training session!

Training has been completed for the season. Please check back to see the updated calendar soon!


Our Partners

Turtle Island Restoration Network is very grateful to our many partners that help us with Sea Turtle Nest Patrols.