Turtle Island Restoration Network is a leading advocate for endangered sea turtles and the oceans that sustain them.

Sea turtles have swum the world’s oceans for more than 150 millions years, since before the time of dinosaurs. Now, due to human activity, their populations are declining. All seven species of sea turtles have been declared endangered, threatened or vulnerable by the US Endangered Species Act, national agencies, or international conservation bodies. Our science-based campaigns protect nesting beaches, stop deadly fishing practices, and halt other threats to sea turtle survival through hands-on conservation and effective advocacy.

Our Campaigns

Save the Leatherback

November 9, 2018

Stop Shrimp Nets Bycatch

November 9, 2018

Ban California Driftnets

May 24, 2018

Rescue Gulf of Mexico Turtles

May 24, 2018

End Longline Overfishing

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Protect Nesting Beaches

May 23, 2018

Combat Climate Change Impacts

April 18, 2018

Take Action for Sea Turtles!

May 16, 2018

Protect Sea Turtles, Say “No” To Balloons

April 5, 2018

Urge your US Senators to End California’s Driftnet Fishery

November 8, 2017

Tell Bernhardt: Save our Marine National Monuments

Sea Turtle Updates

‘Ike Dike’ Proposal Contains Incorrect Data About Resident Sea Turtles

| Coastal Barrier System, Gulf of Mexico, Headquarters, Sea Turtles | No Comments
Current placement of the coastal barrier system would negatively impact 15 threatened and endangered species Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN) has sent a letter to the United States Army Corps…
Photo by Kevin Weng

Report: Volunteer Divers, Scientists Tag Sharks on December Cocos Expedition

| Cocos Island, Cocos Island Research Expedition, Eastern Tropical Pacific, Sea Turtles, Sharks | No Comments
In December, a crew of volunteer divers, marine biologists, scientists, and dive masters joined Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN) on one of the organization’s yearly research expeditions to Cocos Island…

TIRN Urges Congress to Address the Threat of Climate Change

| California, Climate Change, Headquarters, Protect Nesting Beaches | No Comments
WASHINGTON—Turtle Island Restoration Network (TIRN) joined more than 600 environmental groups on Thursday to call on the US House of Representatives to pursue ambitious climate legislation that matches the scale…

Leatherback and Loggerhead Among Species Threatened by Trump Administration

| Climate Change, Save the Leatherback, Sea Turtles | No Comments
Two species of sea turtle, the loggerhead and leatherback, are among 10 species threatened by the Trump administration and its plans to weaken the Endangered Species Act, according to a…

Studying the Impact of Microplastics in the Gulf

| Gulf of Mexico, Marine Mammals & Seabirds, Sea Turtles, Sharks | No Comments
Current research estimates that over 100 million tons of plastic is found in the ocean. No matter if it is a plastic bag or the piece of a toy, plastic…

What Happens When Sea Turtles Are Cold Stunned?

| California, Climate Change, Gulf of Mexico, Sea Turtles | No Comments
With recent drops in weather and water temperature, many communities on our coasts are experiencing hundreds of sea turtles, many of them dead, washing ashore. This phenomenon, known as cold…

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