To prevent many species of sea turtles from going extinct in our lifetime, sea turtles need to be protected throughout their lifecycles.

Since our earliest days, Turtle Island Restoration Network has worked with community volunteers and partner organizations to protect nesting females, eggs and baby sea turtles on beaches in places like Nicaragua, Texas, Costa Rica, Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Through our efforts, we’ve created a National Wildlife Refuge in Nicaragua to protect the most important olive ridley sea turtle nesting beach, and created six community-based beach nesting projects in Costa Rica. Today, we’ve recruited and coordinated thousands of volunteers to patrol more than 16,000 miles of beach on the Upper Texas Coast for nesting Kemp’s ridley sea turtles.

Help us work to protect critical sea turtle nesting beaches and baby hatchlings by symbolically adopting a nest of sea turtle hatchlings for yourself or a loved one.

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