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February 2016

Turtle Island’s Randall Arauz Named 2016 PEW Marine Conservation Fellow for Shark Conservation Work

By Cocos Island Research Expedition, Marine Mammals & Seabirds, Sea Turtles, Sharks

Turtle Island’s International Director Randall Arauz has been named as a PEW Marine Conservation Fellow. Arauz is one of five distinguished scientists and conservationists from around the world named as a 2016 Pew Marine Conservation Fellow. Arauz plans to use his fellowship to strengthen the sustainability of marine protected areas, and to foster shark conservation in Central America.

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An Update on the California Coastal Commission

By Gulf Education & Outreach, Marine Mammals & Seabirds, Resources for the Media, Sea Turtles, Sharks

On February 10th, the California Coastal Commission for the first time in its 43 year history fired its executive director, Dr. Charles Lester, throwing one of the most powerful governmental agencies in the nation into turmoil by undermining the authority of its independent staff that evaluates coastal development proposals.

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Slave Shrimp Victory!

By Sea Turtles

President Obama plans to sign legislation this week that will effectively ban American imports of fish caught by forced labor in Southeast Asia. The legislation, passed by the Congress last week with bipartisan support, would bar imports of products that use forced or indentured labor.

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Better Times for Sharks Ahead

By Sharks

The ‘Shark Enemy Award’ brings international pressure and negative press on the recipient, and our petitions drive home the point that this issue will continue to be on the table until policies change to protect sharks. The hope is that this unwanted attention will force a reversal in anti-shark policies.

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