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February 2016

Meet the Stars of Our Public Service Announcement

By Marine Mammals & Seabirds, Sea Turtles, Sharks

It all started as an idea – an idea to make a video to share the truth about the deadly driftnet fishery for swordfish operating off of California’s coast and harming marine wildlife like sea turtles and whales. But the idea only became a reality when actors Matthew King, Dana Padgett, and Christopher Shelton lent their time, expertise, and acting chops to make this project a reality, and help expose the dangers of eating driftnet caught swordfish. Take a moment to read about and get to know the stars of our PSA by reading their bios below.

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Costa Rica Wins 2016 SHARK ENEMY AWARD

By Sharks

SHARKPROJECT introduced the winner of this year’s SHARK ENEMY award – Costa Rica. This dishonor is the only shark protection “award” of its kind in the world, and is decided on by a jury made up of 31 marine protection organizations. This year the jury unanimously agreed that Costa Rica was a hotspot for the shark fin trade.

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