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May 2016

Protesters Descend on Sen. Lara’s Headquarters in Support of Bill to Protect Dolphins & Whales from Driftnets

By Got Mercury?, Marine Mammals & Seabirds, Resources for the Media, Sea Turtles, Sharks

Today, Turtle Island Restoration Network, a leading marine conservation organization, and Kurmalliance, a Southern California-based ocean activist organization, and Ocean Defenders Alliance, an Orange County based marine conservation organization, marched in front of Senator Ricardo Lara’s office in Long Beach, Calif. The purpose of the peaceful protest was to direct Sen. Lara’s attention to Senate Bill 1114, which would phase out the use of deadly driftnets and better protect marine wildlife. Sen. Lara chairs the Senate Appropriations Committee, which is expected to vote on the bill this week, and is in an influential position to protect California’s precious marine wildlife.

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Supporting the Expansion of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument

By Marine Mammals & Seabirds, Resources for the Media, Sea Turtles, Sharks

I am writing on behalf of Turtle Island Restoration Network to support the expansion of the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument (PMNM). Please approve the Native Hawaiian proposal to expand the boundaries to the full 200 nautical mile limit of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) – excluding the waters around of Ni‘ihau and Kaua‘i. This action would protect one of the most unique ocean ecosystems on the planet.

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Channel Islands: Enjoying CA’s Marine Wildlife & Fighting to Protect It

By Marine Mammals & Seabirds, Sea Turtles

Channel Islands National Park and Marine Sanctuary is made up of five islands along the Santa Barbara Channel and their surrounding ocean environment. From north to south, the islands are San Miguel, Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Anacapa, and Santa Barbara. The Channel Islands are home to over 2,000 plant and animal species of which 150 are found nowhere else in the world, earning these islands their nickname as North America’s Galapagos.

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