Turtle Island Restoration Network’s Salmon Protection And Watershed Network (SPAWN), located in west Marin County, Calif. is seeking a qualified individual.

This position is unpaid, ideal for those looking to gain hands-on experience in field biology and restoration. Your work full time (minimum 40hrs a week) is compensated through housing down the road from our office, and invaluable on the job training.

Position is open until filled

Shared housing provided- 2 per room

Opportunity to volunteer at food bank in exchange for weekly groceries

Physically demanding tasks require lifting up to 50lbs. and working with extreme outdoor conditions (ex. sun, rain, poison oak, ticks)

Position Description:

SPAWN is offering a Habitat Restoration Internship to assist with planning, implementation, monitoring, and maintenance of habitat restoration projects in the Lagunitas Creek Watershed. Under supervision from SPAWN staff, the Habitat Restoration Intern will be responsible for assisting with native plant propagation and out-plating, irrigation and watering, restoration site preparation, recruiting and training volunteers, data collection and entry, and project management. The intern will gain technical skills in stream and riparian restoration practices, vegetation monitoring, and volunteer management. Beyond working in habitat restoration interns will all learn about the dynamic inner workings of a non-profit. This includes fundraising, community development, outreach, database management, and campaign support.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Habitat Restoration: assist SPAWN staff with planning, design, implementation, and monitoring of riparian restoration projects including native plant propagation and out-plating, irrigation and watering, restoration site preparation, data collection and entry, and project management
  • Volunteer Outreach and Management: recruit and train volunteers to assist with habitat restoration projects.
  • Fundraising and community development
  • Native Plant Nursery Management
  • Press and Media Outreach
  • Some evening lectures and advocacy events required
  • Campaign development and support

Qualifications and Skills Desired:

  • Experience in native (and exotic) plant identification
  • Interested in stream/ riparian restoration practices
  • Experience collecting, entering, and organizing biological data
  • Experience in volunteer management
  • Experience with Microsoft Access and Excel
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to communicate effectively to members of the public
  • Ability to work independently and organize oneself
  • Ability to use PC or Mac proficiently (Windows Office)
  • Driver’s license (own vehicle a plus)
  • Ability to project a positive image with community
  • Organization skills with attention to detail.

About Turtle Island Restoration Network’s SPAWN Program:

SPAWN works to protect imperiled salmonids, countless other species, and their habitat in the Lagunitas Watershed, West Marin County, Calif. This watershed supports one of the largest populations of endangered coho salmon in California, and also maintains populations of threatened steelhead trout and endangered freshwater shrimp. SPAWN bases their community restoration, research, education, outreach and advocacy efforts on science-based conservation principles.

Please email a resume and cover letter for the Habitat Restoration Internship to preston@tirn.net.