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Native Plant Nursery in Full Spring Swing – April 2015 Plant Restoration at SPAWN

Our native plant nursery located at office headquarters is a busy hub of action in the spring. Already SPAWN has transplanted a large number of plants, which we grew from seeds sown last summer and fall. These native plants will be used to restore degraded creekside coho salmon habitat.

SPAWN also rescued native plants from trails undergoing restoration work to reduce sediment runoff and erosion. These plants are now being cared for in our native plant nursery. Once the trail work is complete, SPAWN will re-plant the edges of the trail to ensure optimal habitat for our endangered coho salmon and keep our local trails beautiful.

Volunteers and staff working at our native plant nursery

Volunteers and staff working at our native plant nursery

These tremendous conservation successes would not be possible without the help of our incredible volunteer team. Our innovative team is now working to incorporate a greater diversity of plants in the restoration of a wider range of protected park land and habitats, including coastal scrub, grasslands and dune habitats.

We welcome interested volunteers of all ages and experience level. Please email Preston Brown at Preston@tirn.net to get involved.