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June 2016

California’s Driftnet Fishery Puts Sharks in Crosshairs

By | Resources for the Media, Sharks

For shark week, Turtle Island is releasing a new report titled, ‘The Deadly Impact of the California Driftnet Fishery on Sharks’. This report outlines how the California driftnet fishery is taking a deadly toll on shark populations and finds that fully 15 percent of the catch in the California driftnet fishery are sharks, many of them listed and protected under international treaties and agreements.

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La propuesta Costarricense para Conservar el Tiburón Sedoso Menoscaba Esfuerzos Globales Para Conservar Tiburones

By | Got Mercury?, Resources for the Media, Sharks

Conservacionistas están pidiendo a la comunidad internacional incrementar la protección de tiburones bajo la Comisión Inter Americana de Atún Tropical (CIAT)*, que celebrará su reunión anual la próxima semana en el Sur de California. En particular, los conservacionistas están apoyando una propuesta por parte de la Unión Europea (U.E.) que llama a cerrar las pesquerías dirigidas hacia el tiburón sedoso (Carcharhinus falciformis) por un periodo de tres meses, y a prohibir

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Endangered Species Act Protection Sought for Pacific Bluefin Tuna

By | Got Mercury?, Resources for the Media

Pacific bluefin tuna have reached dangerously low population levels, so a coalition of individuals and groups today petitioned the National Marine Fisheries Service to protect the species under the Endangered Species Act. The Pacific bluefin tuna population has declined more than 97 percent since fishing began, largely because countries have failed to reduce fishing enough to protect the iconic species, a luxury item on sushi menus.

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Conservationists Appeal for Protection of Silky Sharks

By | Got Mercury?, Resources for the Media, Sharks

Conservationists are calling on the global community to increase protections for silky sharks under the Inter-American Tropical Tuna Commission (IATTC),* which is holding its annual meeting next week in Southern California. In particular, conservationists are supporting a proposal from the European Union (E.U.) that calls for 3-month closures on targeted silky shark (Carcharhinus falciformis) fisheries, and for banning the use of wire leaders (a type of gear that catches more sharks).

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