Meet SPAWN’s Native Plant Nursery Manager Audrey Fusco

By 10,000 Redwoods, Resources for the Media

Audrey Fusco has followed her passion for land stewardship and gardening around the globe. Whether researching urban gardens used to grow food, called organiponicos, in Cuba, helping to restore beaches in Florida, or restoring Redwood Creek watershed to protect coho salmon habitat at at Green Gulch Farms, Audrey stays true to her core belief to live a simple life in alignment with nature. Now, SPAWN is excited to welcome Audrey to our team as our Native Plant Nursery Manager.

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SPAWN Provides Redwood Education to Oakland Students from Brothers on the Rise

By 10,000 Redwoods, Gulf Education & Outreach

Turtle Island’s SPAWN wrapped up a three-day redwood and outdoor education experience for underserved students from Oakland, Calif. f Brothers on the Rise, a non-profit whose mission addresses the great need for broad-based implementation of preventive, empowerment pipeline programs for boys and young men of color.

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