A generous resident of West Marin has recently given SPAWN a wonderful new opportunity to help save Coho salmon: offering to match any contribution made to Salmon Protection and Watershed Network before January 31 – up to $50,000!

That means over the next few weeks, your generous gifts to SPAWN will be doubled. We will be able to continue advocating for the salmon and carrying our hands-on restoration, including the restoration of creekside habitat with native plants to bring back salmon and other wildlife.

Help us turn $50,000 into $100,000 in urgently needed funding to support our innovative Lagunitas Creek floodplain and streamside habitat restoration and reforestation efforts.

Together, we can prevent extinction of this iconic California salmon, and benefit a myriad of other endangered species, including the California freshwater shrimp, red-legged frog, and northern spotted owl. Double your gift today!