Mercury in Fish Poisons Broadway Actor

By December 18, 2008Got Mercury?

Variety Magazine has reported that Jeremy Piven will abruptly end his run in Broadway’s “Speed-the-Plow,” after missing Tuesday evening’s performance and a Wednesday matinee due to mercury poisoning from eating too much sushi.

The news came days after the U. S. FDA’s plans to rescind heatlh advisories for mercury-contaminated fish was made public, and putting tuna and swordfish profits before mothers, children and other people who like to eat fish.

CNN reported on the problems of mercury in fish this week and the irresponsible FDA actions.

“Entertainment Tonight” talked to Piven’s doctor and will report on air:

Dr. Carlon Colker, a doctor who has been treating the SAG award nominee and Emmy award-winner, says that Jeremy is suffering from extreme mercury toxicity. Colker tells ET that Jeremy has been an avid sushi eater for many years, regularly eating sushi twice in one day. Colker tells ET that a major symptom of mercury poisoning is extreme fatigue.
In addition, Jeremy began experiencing neuro-muscular dysfunction late last week, which led to extreme difficulty in lifting his arms and legs. Then, this past Sunday, he began feeling dizzy. Now, the doctors have ordered enforced rest. Jeremy spent three days in the hospital recently and the doctor tells us exclusively that he is no longer in New York.

He informs us that a test revealed that Jeremy had the highest level of mercury that he has ever seen, which amounts to six times a healthy amount of mercury, in his system.