Last week more than 60 people packed a classroom in Tiburon, California, to hear author Dr. Jane Hightower reveal the findings in her book Diagnosis Mercury. The book explains why mercury-tainted fish still makes its way to our dinner plates. Today, Yale University published her appeal to the Obama administration to reverse decades of obsolete science and seafood industry interference and set safe standards to protect women, children and sushi lovers from mercury poisoning from fish.

Dr. Hightower is a dynamic speaker and truth-seeker who came to this issue through her patients. She never intended to be the one to expose that our mercury-safe standards are based on a mercury poisioning in Iraq while Saddam Hussein was in power. Now that the U. S. FDA is trying to push through a last-minute Bush adminstration effort to weaken these standards, her story is more important and timely than ever.

Not only is mercury-laden tuna, swordfish and sushi bad for your health, the fishing methods used to capture these fish are wiping out endangered sea turtles, birds and whales and devasting the ocean.