Eagle Scout troop 76 recently joined us to help out with habitat restoration at our Tocaloma floodplain project site 2. Scout Grisha Driscoll organized and led a two-day long event so that a small group of volunteers could work in a safe and socially-distanced way each day as they removed invasive plants over an approximately one-acre area.

The troop met and exceeded the project goal of removing all invasive plants, including Himalayan blackberries, hemlock, periwinkle, wild mustard, and others from the downstream end of the project area.

We want to thank Grisha and the rest of Troop 76 for all of their hard work. They made a big impact on the site and their work will greatly reduce the amount of invasive plants we’ll need to remove from the site for years to come!

Eagle Scout Troop 76 has assisted SPAWN with several projects over the past few years and we always enjoy working with this skillful and dynamic group of young people.