Judge To Award Fees to SPAWN’s Attorney for Unwarranted Lawsuit By Disgruntled Golfers Who Tried to Stop Creek Restoration

In a tentative ruling on September 16, 2022, CA Superior Court Judge Sweet ruled that the group that sued SPAWN and Marin County to prevent the restoration of San Geronimo Creek that runs through the former golf course owes SPAWN’s attorney $129,500 in attorney’s fees. 

This comes after the Judge ruled earlier this year against the San Geronimo Heritage Alliance (SGHA), “a group of 10 local residents who were unhappy about the sale of the former San Geronimo Golf Course, a private property sold by its previous owner in 2017,” after they sued to stop the restoration.

The ruling states,

“SPAWN’s Defense of the Case Vindicated an Import Public Interest

Working closely with local, state and federal agencies, SPAWN spent nearly a decade designing and permitting the restoration project…

SPAWN’s Litigation in this Case Was Necessary

SPAWN put forward evidence showing that the County expected it to defend and indemnify it against any challenges to the permits.  The defense was necessary to achieve the public benefit”

To read the tentative ruling, click here.

A final ruling is expected in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.

Meanwhile, SPAWN completed the final project while the lawsuit winded its way through Court.  To learn more about the restoration, click here.