The confirmation hearing for Acting Interior Secretary David Bernhardt is fast-approaching, and we cannot let a long-time fossil fuel lobbyist continue to mismanage our nation’s precious natural resources and public lands.

Will you join us in telling the Senate to block Bernhardt’s confirmation for Secretary of the Interior?

As a lobbyist, David Bernhardt represented special interest groups seeking to weaken protections for sage grouse. Now he oversees the greater sage-grouse management plans overhaul. – WVP

If you thought Ryan Zinke was disastrous in the role, it is possible that David Bernhardt will be even worse. Bernhardt is a walking conflict of interest with even deeper ties to special interests (and in particular the oil and gas industry) and polluters, and a more extensive history of undermining protections for land, water and wildlife.

Click here to send a powerful message to the SenateWe will not stand for an Interior Secretary who has carried out environmental rollback after rollback during his tenure in the department. Among the many reasons to oppose David Bernhardt’s confirmation, TIRN is especially appalled by these actions:

  • Bernhardt denies climate change is an urgent crisis, amidst an overwhelming body of scientific evidence showing its imminent threats to US public lands, water and wildlife – and the world at large.
  • Bernhardt has demonstrated vicious contempt towards wildlife and habitat, from his varied attempts to gut the Endangered Species Act; obliterate protections for the threatened greater sage-grouse and push for mining and drilling in their biodiverse habitat; and “wage war” on salmon watersheds by diverting water for the benefit of agricultural interests.
  • Bernhardt continues to push for widespread blasting and drilling across the US. Currently, he is overseeing proposed drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge that would offer up for sale 1.6 million acres of the refuge for oil and gas exploration in 2019.

David Bernhardt is downright despicable, but thankfully the Senate has not yet confirmed his nomination for Interior Secretary.

We all have a voice – please tell your Senators right now to block Bernhardt’s confirmation.