SPAWN Featured in Local Panel Discussion

By January 25, 2023April 28th, 2023California, Monarch, Native Plant Nursery

Monarchs breed and overwinter in Marin, and their population has come back in stronger numbers, due to habitat enhancement and re-establishment. Audrey Fusco, Nursery Manager & Restoration Ecologist, played a role in the resurgence of monarch populations in the county, with multiple efforts and programs spearheaded. Audrey joined a panel discussion to discuss monarchs returning to Marin, and you can watch it here.

Audrey joined Ole Schnell, founder of the Bolinas Monarch Sanctuary, and Mia Monroe, Xerces Society Volunteer, as presenters in the discussion. They examined several significant efforts to offer breeding options in local gardens, public spaces and overwintering support. They highlighted several recent efforts underway in Marin to provide healthy options for monarch butterflies based on the value and significance of native plants. Additionally, survey of population trends and an update were presented in the discussion.